Annie’s Nutrition

Fall 2011

Hi...My name is Annie Campbell.  7 years ago I started looking for ways to make my family healthier.  My husband was severely addicted to coffee and soda, and my kids refused to eat foods with any nutritional value.  My youngest child was born with virtually no immune system and was sick every three weeks, on average.  

A friend of mine suggested that we try using AdvoCare products to solve some of our family health issues.  The first thing we tried was probiotics for my youngest child.  We began to see dramatic results immediately.  With this boost confidence, we began trying other products on my husband and other children.  

After months and months of using AdvoCare products and referring them to all my friends and family, I finally decided to join AdvoCare as a distributor.  My family has responded so well to the products, I love to reach other people who are struggling with the same health frustrations that we once had.  

Annie Campbell

i found healthy living

Bio - I am a Mom of three.  I have one son and two daughters.  My oldest son has Autism.  I am working towards helping people through nutrition and occupational therapy.

My Favorite Products!

Annie’s Nutrition - 2011

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Omegaplex: After giving these omegas to my kids everyday for one year, my Autistic son has reached “normal” development for his age!

Price: $21.95

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ProBiotics Restore:  These are so great in restoring the “gut immune” system.  This product has been heaven sent for my youngest child!

Price: $33.95

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Spark:  AKA “mommies happy juice”.  This product rocks!  Its sugar free, full of vitamin b. Spark has no drop or downer. It has a ton of energy and is totally good for you!

Price: $22.95

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(cheaper than soda!)

Spark:  AKA “mommies happy juice”.  This is the big daddy!  This is my husbands favorite product!

Price: $51.95

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(way cheaper than soda!)

To Purchase other great AdvoCare Products

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24 Day Challenge:  If you are looking to loose weight and jump start your metabolism then this is a great product! 

Price: $7.60 per day

Immune Boost for Kids:  This is the combo we use to keep our kids healthy even in the winter months.  My kids love the CitriZinc (we call them lemonade) and Purple Champs!  I open up the Probiotic caplets and dissolve in juice!  They don’t even know they are taking supplements and getting healthier!


CitriZinc $34.95

Purple Champs $34.95

Probiotic Restore $33.95

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The brand new “24 in 24” workout DVD!  Contains seven different workouts, that each showcase 24 exercises in 24 minutes.  Amazing workout! 

Price: $29.95 for 2 DVD’s